“Wow… this isn’t what I expected.” I said out loud to myself.

“Maybe we could do something with this, like what though?” I said carefully, discussing Make Runs Maxi to myself like I’m second party to my inner voice.

“A Charity! Boom! Got it – how good could that be? I mean the idea sounds good, right?”

“But wait, how the hell do you start a charity? What does it involve? I mean I just keep going around and helping people and people can donate to help fund areas that need it, right?”

“Wrong! No, you need a website…”

“Oh okay. That’s cool, websites look pretty sweet, make it look official, hey!”

“Yeah but they cost a ton load…”

“Oh really!?”

“You need a board…”


“Like a skateboard…?”

“Nah, nah like a board of executives that congregate every 3 or so months and handle the logistics of a charity.”

“Haha what, so a board similar to say a footy club?”

“Yeah, yeah kinda.”

“Secretary, Treasurer, a public officer, committee members… you are having committee members, right?”

“Umm, I dunno I haven’t even decided what I’m eating for lunch let alone who should be on a Boards of Executives…”

“Well, you need to know! And while you’re at it, remember you need an ABN. I see that nice Make Runs Maxi merch everyone’s wearing… you need to set up product content for that…”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, and with your website are you using PayPal or Stripe?”

“How much are your Tee’s going to be?”

“What about your donation portal setup… Initiatives, Ambassadors, Sponsorship, and Blog Posts have you got any of those things ready?”

“Arrrggh!! I just wanted to help people… A blog post?! What do you mean a blog post?!”

“For your website, derrr!”

It’s crazy when you’re in the eye of the storm, you feel like nothing is changing and when you come through the other side and look back it looks like a storm has in fact hit! For better or worse I mean that’s up for interpretation, based on the individual but it is fact that everything you were once doing transforms into what it is today… whatever it is that you’re doing.

As I mentioned on the website this started as therapy, a suggestion given to me over the phone by a psychologist I’d never met! Fast-forward 12 months and the one thing that contributed to feeling more purposeful is making me feel less fulfilled – taking me on the diverted road that involves legislation rules, fundraising licenses, and public liability for events, not-for-profit protocol and micro managing! Words I never previously used on a day to day basis.

“Yeah, but there’s lots of charities and stuff which means it can’t be that hard to set up and run.” my inner self says to pull me into line and remind me I’m more than capable of being a leader that can lead this ship.

Is that really what’s happening here though? Am I really questioning my capabilities that lead me to this position in the first place? Or am I just indulging in the by-products of running a charity… I don’t know but what I do know is whenever you push positivity to a point of success in this audience it creates expectations… similar to the expectations that lead to the troubling causes of negative consequences surrounding mental health! Sorta looks like we’re going around in circles doesn’t it! At least that what it feels like… When I reflect on this whole thing, one thing that keeps me grounded is my inner motivation. In a world of Not-for-profit when in reality it seems like it is about profit, and in my surroundings where so many look to reach out like putting a band aid on what’s going on instead of look within where they can learn to pull out the arrow that created the wound. That’s the place where the answers really lie! The inner motivation remains the same- seek happiness, grow, learn and help others.

Although as I said at the start,

“Wow, this isn’t what I expected.”



We hope through these Blog posts you can stay connected – connected to yourself and we hope you seek and find inner peace and happiness and become the best versions of yourself you can be. We will try to bring to you our thoughts from Make Runs Maxi. Here’s to a positive future, together!

Rul & the Make.Runs.Maxi. Team