We R Deadly

Aboriginal people are the world’s oldest living culture, dating back over 60,000 years, with over 250 different mobs around the country. Aboriginal culture, through stories, language, and dance, remains strong within communities, but closing the gap around the alarming disadvantages that Aboriginal people face, is something we are passionate about.

Aim: To give an opportunity to Aboriginal people and communities to enhance their social and emotional health and well-being. Give mob a platform to live a happy and healthy life and achieve their dreams.

How: Engage with mob from all over our country to help assist with goal setting, and feeling purposeful.

Why: Here are some of the alarming statistics Aboriginal people face:

  • Studies involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians have identified alarming rates of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. National health surveys indicate higher rates of physical or threatened violence, psychological distress, depression and suicide in comparison to other Australians (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2015).
  • It is estimated that suicide rates among Indigenous Australians are twice as high as non-Indigenous Australians (Department of Health, 2016).
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males aged 25-29, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander females aged 20-24, are four and five times more likely to commit suicide in comparison to non-Aboriginal Australians of the same age, respectively (Department of Health and Ageing, 2013).
  • It has been estimated that mental health and related conditions account for as much as 22% of the health gap (Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, 2017).

Above: The 2017 Flying Boomerangs

Make Runs Maxi Mateship

Make Runs Maxi’s Mateship program, buddies up youths still in school that participate in a senior sporting club environment, with a senior member of the sporting club. This creates the opportunity for a senior person/player to check in on the youth. Make Runs Maxi will communicate and engage with the clubs regularly, assisting with information and solutions to ensure clubs are fully engaged with the program.

Our programs aim:

  • To create an environment within sporting clubs that allows a better understanding of all players, especially young and new members.
  • To foster an environment where players feel comfortable and safe.
  • To encourage clubs to be a major support network.
  • To help clubs increase participation.